Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Last night I decided to work on a quilt. I worked on "piecing" it together and finished in one go. Oh, okay, so it was a quilt puzzle.

I used to do a lot of puzzles. Sometimes alone or with my kids while we watched television in the evening, sometimes with my mom out at her place. But since my mom has moved away and I quilt, which I think has a lot of similarities to puzzle making, I don't do puzzles very often. I don't have the time. Or rather, if I'm going to spend that sort of time on something, I'd rather piece together quilt blocks and end up with something permanent for my efforts. But last night I was feeling a bit "under the weather" and so it was pleasant doing nothing much useful. They do say that puzzle making is good for keeping one's brain sharp as we age though, so I guess it was a teensy bit useful.

I've been working on my tan and pastel scarf and I finished it tonight while watching American Idol. I was a bit apprehensive when I first started it that the yarn wasn't really right for scarfmaking, but it ended up very soft and comfy. I like it.

It's a nice size, thick and wide enough to wear with a coat but not actually as large as it looks in this photo and so it's nice to wear inside (it was -4 degrees last night and supposed to be just as cold tonight!) because it's not so long that it will fall forward into the sink or my coffee or whatever I'm trying to work on. The green of the bathroom walls skews the color a bit, it's more accurate in the photo below.

I wanted something in brown and beige neutrals. Adding the pastels makes it less flexible in my wardrobe, but I like how it came out. I like how knitting it horizontally made these unusual vertical rows. I switched colors somewhat randomly and I also left the fringe in random lengths to add to the raggedy look.

I still have to make something in only neutrals. Maybe a darker brown. I just couldn't find any browns I liked at the time. I also want to find a really fuzzy, soft white and make a white scarf. I haven't worked on the gray mohair scarf because I decided to rip it out and start over again on the circular needles I used for this scarf and make it a twisted cowl instead. So, that's next.

Oh, and being a night owl has a few perks. Late, late, late at night.... or if you'd prefer, early, early, early in the morning, I discovered our cable channel DIY airs a show called Knitty Gritty. Check it out, they have patterns and videos of the shows online. They also have a quilting, general crafts, and a scrapbooking show as well. I don't want to stay up so late on a regular basis, but I'll try to set it up to video tape so I can watch the shows at a more reasonable hour.


Lori said...

i used to love working puzzles with my little guy, he is sadly not interested in that the scarf:)

Deirdre said...


"Maggie" said...

I used the A Taste of Thai packet mix (which tasted good) when I tried it for the first time but I'm going to try making it with all fresh ingredients next time around.

I too am a huge fan of puzzles. Problem is, the last one we started on we took a long time to finish and our coffee table and the puzzle collected dust! Next time we must move faster. I love the quilt puzzle you did, so challenging and colorful. Thanks for stopping by and stay warm, the scarf is lovely!

Sandy said...

Nice scarf! I appreciate you stopping by my blog and all your wonderful comments! Have a great day..Sandy :O)

Staci Rose said...

Beautiful scarf! I made a matching pair of earrings this winter and gave them to my doctor's receptionist for the holidays. Perfect colors for her complexion - red hair and pale, freckled skin!

I'm a red-head, too, but I get lost in beige and yellows...sigh...Citrine is so very pretty! :D