Monday, January 21, 2008

If you pop on over to Beach Treasure for a minute and check out the photos I put up today, you'll see why our family is mostly lounging about, cuddling in our new Minkee blankets.

Charlie and Mongo have the right idea. Keep warm.

I haven't been doing much creatively. This whole month I've just felt like hibernating with that aforementioned new blanket, a stack of books, and a big pot of tea wrapped up in it's own warm cozy. So that's mostly what I've done. Oh sure, I've done some grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, even some cooking. I've got the holiday decorations almost all packed up and ready to be dragged back out to the garage. As you can see, I haven't done much blogging.

It just hasn't felt like the beginning of a new year bursting with creative possibility yet. It feels more like a time to lay fallow, a time to wait for it to get a bit warmer before trusting any seeds to survive the germination process. Creatively, I've settled for snapping a few photos and then wrapping back up in my blanket to do a bit of knitting. Totally basic stuff.

I started this fuzzy, gray mohair scarf and then set it aside, perhaps to finish, perhaps to pull apart and use the yarn for something else. Or maybe pull it apart and try it again on smaller needles. It's looser than I wanted it to be.

Instead I started this. Not sure if you can see it well all scrunched up on the circular needles. It's a cotton scarf knit horizontally instead of vertically, if that makes sense. I'm using the two yarns to make an uneven vertical stripe, making it up as I go along. I almost pulled it apart after the first six rows or so as it felt too stiff, a bad choice of yarn for a scarf and the reverse of the gray yarn, knit too tightly. It was hard to tell since I couldn't stretch it out, so I decided to treat it as an experiment and keep on knitting. I'm thinking now it will be fine, it's more pliable than it was, but it's certainly different than a fuzzier, softer yarn. When these two skeins are used up, that's how thick the scarf will be. We shall see.

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Lori said...

oh your kitties look so sweet!!!
that is sure to be a wonderful scarf, the colors are beautiful!!!