Monday, February 25, 2008

I received two fantastic OWOH prizes in the mail yesterday.

The first was this stunning collection of photo art from Marie of Lost Aussie Designs. I tried to pick a favorite and couldn't. The best I could do was narrow it down to two that were lovely and three that were all my favorites (the tree, the birds, and the faded angel, since I know if I were you I'd be thinking "Which three!?") You can see them all, and other great images, in different posts on her blog.

Thank you Marie - I know some of these will end up framed in my home and the others will probably enjoy a spot on my bulletin board until I find the perfect use for them or the perfect person to gift them to. (Dang, how do you write that sentence so it doesn't end in a preposition?)

Next, I received a fun "keep in the car and consume in tiny bites while waiting for William to get his books out his locker or Jeff to run into the bank or Shelly to show up for our dinner date" type book by Jeanne Chambers of Life in the Along called Life is Too Short to be Ordinary.

Here's a picture of it... uhm.....

.... Rosie, what are you doing? I'm trying to take a photo....

Okay. Well, I see it's also a handy book to use as a chihuahua pillow.

Useful sans furry little companion as well, I've already dipped into the pages and found a chuckle or two. Thank you Jeanne!


Belita Rose said...

I love the photo art! So pretty!

jeanne, herself said...

you are welcome, laume.

and rosie.

Lost Aussie said...

So glad the cards arrived safe and sound and that you are enjoying them!
Thanks for playing.

ParisBreakfasts said...

Dogs are so literate!
They know a good book when they sniff it.