Thursday, February 14, 2008

Today is the day for all the participants to announce the winners of their One World - One Heart giveway prizes. I had these three little hearts to giveaway so I needed to pick three names.

Some people picked their winners by using this random number generator. I took a look at it but then decided "nawwww", where's the fun in that? So I used a different random number generator. Here's a photo of mine -

I ask you, what could possibly generate more randomness than a teenager!? Well, okay, maybe a toddler. But still, a teen is pretty high up there on the random meter. I called William on his cell phone (I mean, what self respecting teen would be at home when you needed them?) and said "Do me a favor. Pick three numbers between, and including, 1 through 83." And he did. Didn't even ask why. 'Cause he's my kid and so he's used to his mother's odd requests and strange behavior.

I've already notified my three winners by e-mail. Congratulations to Angelika of Toscania-Art-Life, Heather of Bumblebird, and Enzie of World Market Portraits. I only wish I could clone myself, and my little hearts, so I'd have enough hearts, time, and postage to send one to each and every one of my visitors. In a perfect world, eh?

This was a lot of fun, visiting everyone else's blogs, looking forward to a mailbox full of visits from other bloggers. I'm already thinking ahead to next year - I can only assume that such a great event will be an annual phenomenon. Hopefully, next year I'll have more time to plan and I can put up my post earlier. In the meantime, I hope I'll be able to continue to visit some of the great new bloggers I've met in the last week. And those folks that visited me, please, remember, come on back round anytime. Day or night, I'm always up late. Okay, maybe not anytime near sunrise, give or take a couple hours. But anytime else, yeah, don't be a stranger!


see you there! said...

Congratulations to your winners. I like your random number generator, LOL!


Lori said...

congrats to the winners:)
i like your random number generator too!!!

Lost Aussie said...

you are a winner on the OWOH giveaway on the Lost Aussie blog.
Please email me with your details so that I can send your prize out.