Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm putting up the last of the photos from York today, both here and over on Beach Treasure. I've got to hurry up if I'm going to finish up one European holiday before I leave on the next one. (I never ever in my life thought that I would hear myself utter a comment like that! It just goes to show you never know what unexpected twists and turns your path will take!)

A growly sort of fellow

Wow, my flash on my camera is really powerful! Ha ha - not. They have spotlights on the York Minster at night.

Ruins of St. Mary's Abbey. I wonder what sort of flowering tree that is - it reminds me of the flowers on a California Buckeye - although I doubt if that's what it is. For one thing it's on a different continent entirely (is England considered part of the continent? I guess it wouldn't be, would it. It is it's own self, an island, yes?) For another thing, I've never seen a Buckeye grow that tall - although England is a lot rainier than California.

Another section of the ruins.

Another view of the York Minster

If I recall corrrectly, this little nest was tucked into a window slit of the circular stair well up to the top of the Minster. It was in some stair well in any case.

Doesn't it look like he could just leap off the building and fly away at any minute? Maybe, under the cloak of night, he really does.

A Greenman.

Don't forget to click over to Beach Treasure now to see more York scenery and shenanigans.


LoveAnna said...

I love seeing photos of places that I take for granted from somebody else's perspective. It then makes me feel guilty for taking things for granted, lol!

The tree with the flowers, btw, is a horse chestnut and the flowers are known as "candles" because that's what they look like!

Rosemary said...

Nice to meet you. Thanks for all of the nice comments on my blog.
Love the picture with the nest.
Visit again soon,

Belita Rose said...

I like these pictures too. My favorite is the flying gargoyle.