Monday, February 04, 2008

My big plans for Thing-a-Day, and for my own benefit, was to spend tedious but necessary hours transferring years worth of photos from my overstuffed photo program and filled SD cards into multiple storage - uploading them to online storage, burning "hard copy" CD's of the files, and then moving them onto an external hard drive so I could delete them from my program and the cards and have S P A C E to once again unleash my digital muse. However we've had more stormy nights (and days) and the power flickering on and off, so it seemed like a bad time to undertake any computer projects. Maybe tonight, as I am looking out the window and see the oddest color in the sky - BLUE!

However I did search through my latest SD card and deleted a few photos I didn't care about to give me room to shoot a half dozen new photos. I had visited another blog yesterday (which I was going to link to but my Bloglines list seems to have eaten it and I can't FIND it! ARGH.) showing photos of some winter garden pots. The winter shown being a San Francisco Bay Area winter, all green and misty. It inspired me to take a couple photos of my own winter garden pots which, now that I've set you up, you won't see here - I've posted them over on Beach Treasure. But I do have a couple more that I thought turned out artsy to show you below.


Snowed In


Lori said...

great pics...i love the trail of foot prints in the first one:) said...

I loooooooooooooooooooove your snow!!!!! And such lovely photos!!!!

see you there! said...

Aren't snow pics pretty? You asked about our Mt. House, it is in the mts of Lake County (Cobb Mt.)just as you come over Mt. St. Helena from Napa.


sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

Lovely pictures. Really neat! Thanks for coming by and visiting me at my blog. and to answer your question..yes anything can be used for butter, cinnamon & keeps things easy (hee hee).

paru's_circle said...

hi dear
i dint know that it snowed in california.. well. i guess it would in the mountains,, hey, dear.. its not the book i am offering, the artist lady was offering that.. i am offering an ATC.. please go back and read.. putting you in the draw for the atc.. regads..P.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laume! Its your halloween swap partner!!! I too signed up for Thing a Day - the good news - I have been doing it. The bad news - I have not done the documentation of it, lol.
Did you do the Valentines swap?