Monday, November 24, 2008

I finally committed to one of my ideas and started on my Magical Yule Swap piece a few nights ago. I'm about 30% to 50% along, depending on how far I want to take it. I'm happy with the way it's coming out. I had to stop as I ran out of a key component. About the only place in town to find any art supplies is Walmart and I went last night and found something that will work.

(Momentary aside - how can someone go to buy ONE BEAD and come out of the store $38 poorer!? No, I didn't spend $38 on one bead. There were other pretty, shiny beads hanging near the bead I needed. And I was hanging out there, talking to my daughter-in-law on my cell phone, staring at all those pretty beads and some of the packages somehow found their way into my shopping cart. And then, since I was in the craft department, I found some fabric that would be perfect for a project for my Hubby even though I have plenty of perfect fabric already at home. And wandering over into the holiday department I found some other little bits and bobs that might add even more fun to my swap project. And then there were the special holiday Oreos with peppermint filling......)

I'll be working on my project again today and then I have to set it aside for the fun and chaos that is family visiting for Thanksgiving. If I have anything left to finish, it won't be much and I'll have two calendar days after everyone departs again for any last minute touches. So, I'll feeling pretty good about it.

I'd give you a little sneak photo of what I'm making but unfortunately I also needed to buy lithium batteries for my camera while I was at Walmart and I forgot. So. Instead I can give you a sneak peek of my mom Barb's project, as she sent me some images. I think it's looking pretty wintery and magical!

So, how's everyone else doing? ( I heard from Chris at Prism's Trail! that she's finished already. Yah! And also - Show off! So, some of us aren't organized. So! Your point? Phhbt!)


Sarah said...

I am glad I am not the only one who cannot go near craft supplies without coming away with far more than I went for. I think I am addicted to supplies! Then I have to organise more and more storage-my back room is a nightmare.
I have finished my swap item! Lucky really as thie week we have an inspection at school.
Hope you have a good thanksgiving!

Shell said...

I want one. It is winter magic wonderful!!

KayEllen said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!to youuuu
we miss you on flickr:)
Maybe you are in San Diego having fun?!

Blessing to you and your family!


Anonymous said...

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