Sunday, November 09, 2008

Quick self flagellation - I know I have a couple of Swap Participants who I didn't even have the courtesy to acknowledge yet - it was one of those things where I remembered I needed to shoot them off a quick e-mail only when I couldn't and I forgot every time an opportunity would have existed. I'm sure this raises everyone's confident level in my swap hostessing abilities - yes? Not. I've actually pulled off many successful and sometimes large swaps. Which this will not be - large that is. Successful, I sure hope so. It will be a warm and cozy little swap, just the right kind for a hot cocoa, snow falling sort of winter season. It's just that I got caught up in... well, there's really no excuse. But, if I stay online right now I'll get NOTHING done again today, so stay tuned. I promise to rectify my bad manners by this evening. Pacific Standard Time. Night Owl Time. But still - TONIGHT.

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