Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I've grounded myself from my regular blog until I get some work done around the house and studio, but I didn't say I couldn't blog here. I know, sort of cheating. But I was very proud of how much work I got done yesterday even if I got a late start at it. It wasn't studio work, sigh, only housework. But still, big improvement - many heaps and piles are no more.

We lost one of our Yule Swappers, Midwest Fibre Arts, who was waylaid by the busyness of life. Sniff. Well, I knew that would happen. I really should have run this swap months ago as the last two months of the year are the crazy season for most people. Next year I'll plan ahead and hostess a holiday swap that's earlier and more organized. Millions will join. And our small group from this year can feel smug and special because we weathered out the storms and difficulties of this first year's swap, just the few of us banded together. We're like the Fellowship of the Ring. The Goonies. The little band of misfits following Rudolph in the old claymation special.

I also talked to Barb, my mom, on the phone last night. She already knows what she's making for the swap but we tossed ideas back and forth on how to tweak it, to make it an even more special gift. I can hardly wait to see how it turns out. In my head, it's lovely!

I've narrowed my idea down to .... well, I think I've chosen my idea in the general sense. I'm going to make some small pieces so that the project is both portable to work on and easy to ship. I didn't take shipping into consideration last swap I did - it all worked out in the end but I realized that if I'd thought it through I could have made it a lot easier on myself and still sent something really nice. After gluing it nice and tight, I ended up having to dismantle one piece to safely ship it - argh.

What I haven't decided yet is how the little pieces will fit together, if at all? In a wee vignette? Or maybe just individual teenies to be used however the recipient so chooses.

That's all. I swore next time I posted here I'd have some studio pics. Maybe by tomorrow. But I'll give you some photos, for your viewing enjoyment. A post just doesn't seem complete without something visual. I've been in a Paris sort of mood lately, so I'll share a few random Paris trip photos.

These first two photos are from the collection at the Musee d' Orsay. Not holiday-ish, but definitely have a fantasy element going on. I don't have details on the artist or time period, sorry. I love how this one looks like he was working from a model. Hmmmm.... there are more things in heaven and earth than...

This guy looks a little grumpy. (I also think he looks like Gollum from LOTR) Like, the world is annoying and if it wasn't for his friend/pet frog, he would be glummer still. I can relate. I've been feeling a bit like that lately. So has Hubby. So has the Teenager. We've been taking turns being a bit stompy and easily annoyed. I think for Hubby and I it's just the stress of the economy, life coming at us too fast. For William it's the end of a long stretch of nonstop work, school and football commitments. (Only one week or two left, depending on whether they win the next play off game, before things get a lot easier for him. And a bit easier for us too, no more football traveling.) For all of us add in an autumn package of cold and flu visitors. I don't have a pet frog, but I do have a wee fuzzy dog that loves me even when I'm less than loveable.

Changing moods completely, isn't this just the most adorable little angel you've ever seen!? With her rosy cheeks and curly hair, she reminds me a wee bit of my granddaughter. Although the granddaughter's white gown would probably be covered in jelly, dry erase marker, and dirt and her wings would be a bit askew. This was a sign outside a little angel shop in... Montmartre I believe... and the owner of the shop was very kind to allow me to snap this photo. I wish I could remember the name of the shop as she had cards and other items with this image on it for sale inside and now that I'm thousands of miles away, I want to buy something.

Anyone know what the words on the sign say?


Sarah said...

No-my French is terrible-but just type it into one of those translation sites. She's very cute. I like the bronze at the top-looks like Bottom with his ears.
I am quite pleased I have got the swap to work on under a slight bit of pressure as it takes my mind off of some of the more unpleasant pressures of work. I am enjoying adding little details to it now.
Hope you all feel less grumpy soon!

Barbara C. said...

I just want to let you know I'm still in the swap, even if it just winds up being the two of us! My little project is coming along.

KayEllen said...

So glad to see some great photos on flickr! We miss you anytime you are away:)
Have a wonderful holiday with your family next week!


Anonymous said...

"Always advertise a smile,
Thus the gift of life will become Yours and you in your turn will be able to offer it."