Sunday, November 30, 2008

Did you all have a lovely food filled Thanksgiving holiday? I did. Lots of family, including a half dozen grandkids all descended upon our tiny homestead, so it was also exhausting. Everyone left today and so I finally have a chance to check in with everyone.

I've heard from everyone but Meo and Barbara in the Magical Yule Swap. I popped an e-mail in the mail... er in the net?... to both of them asking for an update. And I bought glue. Lots of glue. So the plan tomorrow is to finish up the last little details of my own project and get it ready to mail. Hopefully I'll hear back by tomorrow from the other two stragglers and I'll be able to send everyone an address by the 2nd. Everyone join in and clap and repeat after me "I do believe in deadlines!.... I do believe in deadlines!.... I do believe in deadlines!" Hey, it might help.

And now I'm off to make a hot chocolate. Or maybe an eggnog. And recuperate from all the family fun. Did I mention the SIX grandchildren who showed up for Thanksgiving? Perhaps I'll make that an alcoholically enhanced eggnog.

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