Friday, May 01, 2009

Did I really miss a half a month of posting!?! I'll make it up to you, I promise! Promise I tell you! Not much time, busy busy me, and none of it is studio busy. But I've got lots of pretty photos from my travelabouts. So I'll try to have something here every day for your viewing pleasure. Will that help heal the scars my weeks of abandonment may have caused you?

Chico street scenes and street art

IMG_5093 by you.
Tiled columns

IMG_5079 by you.
The Fifth Beatle

IMG_5086 by you.
William, Hubby and Rosie waiting for lunch

IMG_5089 by you.
Tiled bench

IMG_5090 by you.
Robin Hood and fae hiding in the green - appropriate photo for this Merry First of May!

IMG_5091 by you.
Beautiful architectural detail

IMG_5092 by you.
Rainbow Phoenix

IMG_5088 by you.
I liked the urban feel of this entire shot, but also the colorful mannequins. Mannequinettes? You can't see the name of the shop covered in leaves but it was Boho... uhm. I forgot. Inside it was like an art gallery for refashioners. Everything was a one of a kind and tres funky designed item of clothing, handbag, scarf, jewelry piece and a few nonwearables. Great place to get handmade and upcycled stuff if you don't have time to do it yourself and also a great place to get inspiration if you do have the time.

IMG_5085 by you.
A pair of bicycles getting all cuddly. They seem to be a couple, don't they?

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