Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Long ago I promised the rest of the photos from the botanical gardens. Finally -

The children's area was filled with all sorts of goofy creatures. Here's Ashley not quite sure if she's creeped out by this strange bird.

This was a little children's play house, but I'd love one slightly larger and more open as a gazebo in my yard.

I love water features. This one was totally unexpected.

Bright blue fountain in the middle of "nowhere" around a curve on a less traveled path. A treat for investigating more than just the main walkway.

Ashley found a fuzzy friend.

Part of the gardens were color themed. This was the purple section. The other colors weren't blooming much. Purple must be a spring color.

Another odd creature. A bug? A ......?

Hidden deep in the forest....

A blue bird.

The front of the purple gardens.

These flowers were so tiny, barely a quarter inch across each, but in such great numbers that the bush was aflame!

None of these strange creatures look particularly Disney-ish. More Grimm's Fairytales "be careful if you mess with me". Perhaps Tim Burton does The Nature Channel?

I like how the moth wings are so sheer you can see the flowers through them.

The biggest thing in the gardens, the Sundial Bridge towering in the distance.

My favorite work of art there, my son Sam.

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Chris said...

I love this post! The pictures are so great.