Thursday, May 28, 2009

While I was traveling last month I had the pleasure of discovering the loveliest little (well, not so little really!) yarn and knitting shop in the small town of Independence, Oregon. Since Independence is one of the three small towns nearest our property, I was excited at the prospect of future visits to Rose & Ram Knit Shop & Studio. The owner Jan was just as lovely. (she was wearing a ghost tour t-shirt - I don't think you can go wrong with someone who has a cool t-shirt like that!) We gabbed for the longest time.

In one of the windows, a cute felted koala and gecko. I love the gecko. And bags, and scarves. She had lots of creations on display to inspire.

This knit and felted bird house was one of my favorites. She has the pattern for sale if you love it too.

Jan (on the left) and another local shopkeeper who stopped in (on the right). They were supposed to be pretending to be helping a "customer" but uhm, well, it's hard not to pose when the camera comes out. Check out the curvy paper floor lamp. Too cool.

There were luscious colors everywhere you turned. I really should have taken a photo of some of the taller shelves filled with deep autumn colors. I am NOT going to tell you how many of these skeins ended up coming home with me, nor will I admit to how much I spent. Just doing my bit to energize the economy. That's all I'm gonna say.

Clearly I favored all the adorable knit animals around the shop. Not sure if those squirrels are cute or evil looking but I want one nontheless. And the fuzzy little hedgehog too.

I'm not actually knitting much anymore. I knit a lot more when the weather is cold and the nights are longer. I have spent a few minutes here and there while watching television working on a second pair of wrist warmers (in the wine red I wanted and finally found thrifted). Mostly though, all my energy and creative efforts have been spent in the gardens. An update on how that's going over on Beach Treasure.

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Chris said...

Isn't this the cutest shop? Inspiring!