Saturday, May 02, 2009

On the last day of my latest trip, I spent a lovely day with my son Sam and his girlfriend Ashley. We strolled through a local art and botanical gardens. I've wanted to visit these gardens for several years now and we managed the perfect day to visit. Not only was the weather beautiful but they were sponsoring an art in the park day and so the gardens were free to visit.

I really hope I set these photos up right so you can open some of them up.

Spanish lavender

There were many water features. I liked the fish doubled by their shadows in this pic.

A single water lily was blooming.

Sam and Ashley playing peek-a-boo in one of the fountains.

Another water feature, this one said it was made to create music with water. I thought these shapes seemed reminiscent of pelvises. Pelvii? Anyway, I'm sure there's some symbolism there, but I'll work on figuring it out later.

Flying fish? No, fish scene through the reflection of plants above.

There were several of these art pyramids and also a booth that I believe were asking for people to sponsor the creation of more. This one had a mosaic waterfall down one side.

Much of the garden and surrounding park land was left in a natural state for the region. With the river and mature oaks, it was beautiful without any human touch whatsoever, although it was people who saved this reserve from development in the heart of the city. Also very ecologically smart as the temperatures sore into the 100's on an almost daily basis during the summer, making water conversation important.

And now to take you someplace deep in the forest....

Perhaps a wee bit frightening.....

Or simply peaceful and far away.....

This enormous stick structure had to be the awesomest thing in the park.

So many people were enjoying it, it was hard to get photos. We'll have to go back on a gloomy day, or perhaps in the middle of the week, so we can have it to ourselves. Sam and Ashley .... okay, just Sam, kept saying he wanted to climb up into it. Strictly forbidden. It wouldn't probably last long otherwise. But you could go inside it, which was neat.

Doesn't it look like a scene out of the movie Willow, or maybe Lord of the Rings?

There was lots more to see. Too much for just one post. I haven't even started on the children's section, or some of the more formal garden areas. Stay tuned....

Some family pics up today at Beach Treasure.