Saturday, March 25, 2006

I finally had a day free to get into the studio, no tasks or errands to keep me away, and somehow, I still managed not to make it back there at all! I caught a cleaning bug and my house is now much cleaner and tidier, but I'm still disappointed in myself because that wasn't how I had intended to spend the day.

However, my daughter-in-law Lisa managed to do what I did not. She has been spending all evening working on a Quilt for a Cure raffle quilt she is making and e-mailing me a photo each time she finishes another block.

She's a very new quilter. This will only be her third project. She chose to do a pink sampler, so she is learning lots of new skills with this quilt. It's her first attempt at triangles, she's still working on sizing her blocks, which is why there are no tips on the first block. Oh, I remember the frustration of my first attempts to use triangles!!! One of the first blocks I ever attempted (silly me) was a house block with all sorts of angles and different sized pieces and it took me all night to get the dang thing even halfway together. I probably would have given up altogether if another friend, also a new quilter, wasn't having just as much trouble with it. Of course, both of us were too stubborn to ask for any help from anyone who knew what they were doing. We both had to "reinvent the wheel" with each new technique we took on.

Tips or no tips, I think all the blocks so far have turned out really cute. Lisa has got a real eye for putting together colors and fabrics and even without any previous sewing skills, she's shown herself to be a real natural talent.

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