Friday, March 03, 2006

I joined an monthly art challenge called Simple Still Life and this will be my first month's participation. March's theme is 'Three things the same but different." The starting ideas or photos are due by March 4. Since I will be traveling for the next week, I took some photos today with the hope of working with them in some way later in the month. For now, here are the ones I like the best. I'm not even sure what I want to do with them - play with them in Photo Shop, pastels, fabric, paper....I'll have to ponder that during the long hours I'll be behind the wheel in the coming days.

I'd appreciate any and all comments on them, as a way to jumpstart some possibilities.

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Debra said...

The three chairs are interesting.. and the 3 cats made me laugh. The three gold things are elegant in themselves... and all of them are better than the 3 I posted. (Maybe I will relook and repost).

Which you choose may depend upon what you plan to do further...