Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I was digging through old photographs this morning for a self-portrait blogging thing - you can see it on my Beach Treasure blog, or go to the Self Portrait Tuesday blog to find out about the project. Anyhoo, so I was digging through old photos and came across this one -

That's me about, oh, 29 years ago I guess. That's hard to type. Have I really been not only alive but already an adult for almost 30 years!? It was an art class in college. Notice the cool tinted aviator glasses. The full skirt I'd never be able to get away with wearing nowadays. Oh. This is an art blog? Okay, then notice the pencil drawing of the eagle I'm posing beside. I know I kept that sketch but I haven't been able to find it for at least the last decade and a half. I never framed it so perhaps it was ripped, tossed, and long ago biodegraded back to the forest floor from whence it came. Or maybe it's on the bottom of some box that has been moved through the last five moves only to be stored unopened in a series of sheds and garages.

In any case, it's a photo about art. And since I'm not currently doing anything artsy despite earlier comments about wanting to race home from San Diego and CREATE, I figured this would at least keep my blog from sitting uninterestingly unattended.

Now, back to my current task, a time consuming archeological dig - aka cleaning off my desk. Hey, I have been finding all sorts of fun stuff in the layers, to use for collage work or beading or embellishing or whatever. So that's something artsy.

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