Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lisa made four more blocks last night and this morning. Boy, when you wind this girl up and get her started, she's like the energizer bunny - she keeps going and going and going and going...

Did I tell you about her second quilt? My son was away for a month of training for the military. I suggested she make him a quilt as a surprise for his birthday or graduation or something, while he was away. I said it would be a good way to make the time go faster, plus, since he was away, she wouldn't have to worry about having to put the project away and hide it so he wouldn't see it. If I remember correctly, she said that she'd had the same idea. I told her I'd work on a project too, so we could encourage and cheer each other on.

A few days later she called from a store here, a store there, like a busy little bee, gathering material and supplies for her quilt project. A day or so later I called her back to see if she wanted to get started on her blocks, if she needed any help picking a pattern or figuring out how to make them. Nope, she replied. She'd already made them.

WHAT!? Yep, she'd made the blocks and was almost done sewing them together. What she really needed was advice on how to quilt it. So I told her that she basically had three options - give it to someone else to quilt on a long arm, machine quilt it herself, or hand quilt it herself. She decided she'd hand quilt it. I thought that was an excellent idea since she'd finished the top so quickly, hand quilting would give her something to do with the rest of the month still looming in front of her.

The next morning she called, about ten o'clock I think. The conversation went something like this:


"Guess what?!" she said excitedly.


"I finished it!"

"You finished the top? Wonderful!"

"No, I finished the quilt."

"You mean you've already got it layered. Wow, you're fast! So, are you gonna start quilting it now?"

"No. I mean, I finished quilting it. It's done. Well, I still have to put the binding on."

I think I had to sit down and clutch my chest at this point.

"How in the world did you quilt an entire quilt in one night!?"

"Well, I had my new First Season of Friends CD's. I just sat on the couch and watched them and quilted and... I sorta kinda forgot to go to bed."

Ahhhh, the energy of youth. I sure could use some of it myself. Creak, creak.

So, anyhoo, here are four more blocks. I especially love the first one. I asked her where she got that fabulous wild fabric. She said she bought it when we went to the quilt store together. Damn, how did I miss it!? I want some! And while I'm at it, I want some of that great leafy lime green print too.

P.S. Did you notice the girl figured out how to do 45 degree triangles and seams on her own!!!

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