Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I wrote this post before I left for Sacramento and the new grandbaby, so some of it doesn't make sense because it talks of things that will be happening that have actually already happened. Does that make sense? But, instead of messing with it, I'll just post it as it is and use the extra time to get something else more important done, like unpack the car. Here ya go:

This is a good ol' fashion show and tell day. I want to show and tell all about my most recent fabric finds. I didn't really get any of it in the midst of my recent girlfriend getaway. Instead I found some on the way there, some on the way back, and some the day following my return.

These are all flannels. I found all but the orange tie-dye one at the textile warehouse. I thought they were all so cute and different from the boring stuff you usually find for babies, I want to make most of them into receiving blankets for my upcoming grandkids. The orange one will be for Anastacia. If I'm lucky, I might even manage to get it done tomorrow so I can bring it down with me for the delivery this week. (Noel is going to be induced on Friday morning.) The rest, except for the pink and green teapot one, are for Joe and Lisa's December baby, who will certainly need more receiving blankets then a spring "valley girl" baby. The plan for the teapots are for them to become a flax heating bag or two.

All of this quilting fabric I found at the textile warehouse too. Notice the selection theme - BRIGHT! About half of them were purchased with something in mind, the other half simply because I liked them. I'll figure out what to do with them eventually. Remember, you can click on the photos and get more detail.

Except for the teensy bit on the bottom righthand corner (which are from the photo layout above) and Fred Weasley, the rest of these are thrift store finds. The bright plaid on the left and the soft pastel plaid on the right are pillows I bought, not fabric. The green and orange thing on top is a tiny old-fashioned apron with pockets all along the bottom. I think it would look cute hung on the wall and used to store things in all the pockets. Not sure where it will go yet. The green striped and the white and blue striped are really, really large pieces of soft, heavyweight, nubby cottons. Not enough to do an entire chair in, but perhaps throw pillows or seat covers or tablecloth and napkins or....... not sure but couldn't pass up any of it. Everything in the photo was tagged from only two to four dollars!

These are quilter's cottons, found them at Walmart amongst the Easter and spring holiday prints. I'd gone looking for the tie-dyed flannels (all had been sold out except for the orange piece in the first photo), but I liked these. Usually this sort of mottled pattern comes in only dark or bright colors. I decided some day I'd certainly need these. In fact I want to do a small spring something with colored eggs in it and these would be perfect for what I have in mind. Of course with all the studio time I'll be able to carve out of what's left of this spring season, maybe I'll make it in time to enjoy it next spring, eh? Or the year after that?

Well, gee, it's fun just collecting the stuff. Hubby says between the fabric and the books, it keeps the house well insulated.

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Janet said...

You got some great fabrics. Don't you just love finding thrift store fabrics! I look at everything with an eye to what it could become.