Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm past due to show what I did with my Simple Still Life project for March. This was my first month participating and I got off to a good start by taking a lot of photos of possible choices early in the month. You can see them here. The idea is that you expand on the photo, changing it in some way photographically, artistically, or use it as the basis for a work in a different medium, whether that be a sketch, a textile piece, a painting.... Of course being busy and frazzled and sidetracked and... did I mention busy? I settled for doing something simple with it, although I do like the results.

Here's the photo I decided I liked best:

I like it a lot, just the way it is. It's simple and makes a nice statement about the beauty of useful things. But since it seemed like cheating just to stop with the original photo, I messed around with it a bit in my Kodak photo program. Not many options, but I came up with this, and I have to admit, I rather like it as well. It makes the tools seem witchy and symbolic. A broom for wiping the cobwebs from the sky (or riding in it), a rake for dancing in the garden, and a shovel for digging deep into the dark and quiet earth. I call it "Magical Tools".

If you'd like to see what other participants did with this month's theme - Three the Same but Different - go here.

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