Thursday, April 13, 2006

While on the subject of scarves, take a look at the pretty, pretty, pretty present from my friend Deirdre. Fred (aka Fred Weasley, aka Fred is Red, aka Evil Kitty) has graciously agreed to model it for me. It's a poly velvet, wide and long and lush, just shy of being big enough to be called a shawl or wrap. It looks great with a jacket and blue jeans, takes an ordinary outfit just a step up in snazziness. With the blues, greens and purples, and the silky feel, it's like wearing water - quite appropriate for an Otter Girl. The artsy part of it, apart from looking artsy in it, she hand dyed it herself.

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Janet said...

What a gorgeous scarf, and in all my favorite colors. The "model" is pretty...oops, make that handsome....too!