Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back to the previous holiday, more photos. I think I'm only on Day 3 of the trip, I have lots of lots of photos left to show you. Aren't you thrilled! (Okay, if you're not, don't tell me, I'm having fun.)

These photos are all from The Chalice Well International Peace Gardens. It was hard to select which photos to share here with you. I picked out three, then added a fourth, and then another... I finally stopped at six. This was, for me, one of the highlights of our entire trip. The garden and well evoked feelings of deep reverence and awe, not to mention physical beauty. If you'd like, after looking at my photos, you can click here to find out more about the symbolism and history of the well as well as take a virtual tour of the gardens.

In this first photo I liked the pastel airy quality of the forget-me-nots contrasting with the deep color and substance of the tulips. It was more noticable in person then in the photo, but you can get a small sense of it.

Everywhere in the gardens sacred symbols from different spiritual or religious paths intermingled and co-habitated in peace and harmony. It was inspiring and... perhaps humbling is the word. The spiral was probably the most visible symbol. Simple and yet with so many layers of meaning.

This next image shows what you could call the "official" symbol of the well. It's called the
Vesica Piscis.
This isn't an artsy photo so much, it's just to show you the design of the symbol.

Moss, dappled shade, stairs leading to...... what's not to enjoy.

Another spiral image - the spiral in the first photo was very small, less then two inches across. This spiral was quite large, two or three feet in diameter.

The serpentine wave of the streambed added to the restful, meditative quality of the gardens and of this photo. You are getting veeee-ry sleepy. You're eyelids feel heavy. You feel restful and......

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