Sunday, July 23, 2006

This is a very lame post. I mean, really. I'm posting to tell you I did one very small thing. I finally got the armoir out of the hallway and all the way into the studio. I also got the armoir drawers out of the pile in the livingroom and slid into place in the armoir, which is now in the studio. I know, so very lame.

But I've been planning on doing this every day for a week. And every day for a week the heat just drags me down like zombies tugging at my arms and legs. I've had it in my head that if I could just get this armoir in there.....

I had a dresser in there, the drawers used as storage, the top of the dresser was where the television sat. Then I gave the dresser to Sam several months back. To use as a dresser - you know, to put his clothes in it. This was fine. I was thrilled to give it to him. He needed it, and I had this armoir that would work perfectly fine, sitting unused and dusty in the garage.

Then when I went off on my grand adventures this spring, I dumped a bunch of boxes, baskets, and miscellaneous stuff I didn't have time to deal with before I left, into the studio. It was already a mess from from all the stuff that had come off and out of the dresser piled on the floor. When I finally opened the door back up a few weeks ago, I discovered that the room was completely impassable.

I've had it in my mind that if i could just clean up the studio, at least make it so I could walk across the floor and have access to my cutting table (which is also piled high with stuff - blankets, bags, fabric, frames....) I could find the energy somewhere to at least while away the sweltering afternoons in that room, cutting fabric. The room should be one of the cooler ones in the house, being situated with cross ventilation from windows on two sides and being underneath the side of the yard with huge shade trees. This means that room should come down from 90 to a crisp 80 degrees or so. (that "crisp" is sarcasm, in case it's hot where you are and you, like me, don't have two brain cells still working. Apparently they're all taking an extended siesta, like any reasonable person should do in a hot climate).

Am I still making any sense? I doubt it. But moving on, I have this theory that I could do this, cutting fabric, because it is fairly mindless work yet fun enough to keep me interested. And I was thinking of playing with my Halloween fabrics, which will remind me of autumn and chilly winds and frost in the air and brrrrrr - almost as good as air conditioning, yes? Well, no. But I'm pretending.

Hmmmmm, something just occurred to me. Cutting out fabric involves ironing it. With a HOT iron. Oh, damn. I didn't think of that.

Well, nevermind then. I'll just continue to lay in the shade and read Harry Potter books.

But, for the record, the armoir is all slid into place. Next step is to put the crafting supplies back into the drawers. Easy. If it wasn't sooooo hot.

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