Thursday, July 13, 2006

My friend Deirdre took a bunch of fireworks photos on the 4th. She enthusiastically encouraged me to to do the same. So I did. My camera didn't cooperate, alas I still haven't managed to find time to read the instruction manual in order to figure out out why my low light images are all determined to come out blurry. I know they don't have to be, that it's probably the setting I have it on or something, because my old camera took great low light images. I did enjoy a few of my failed attempts though!

Make sure you click this next one larger - the tiny swirls are really cool.

Here's a summer image I find somewhat haunting. This little guy was on my screen door late one night and the front porch light, shining down from the top left, made him glow like something unworldly. Do you think there are moths on alien planets? I wonder what they would look like? A moth's life is short, incomprehendable to me. I wonder what this small creature was thinking/feeling this night?

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:-D eirdre said...

I love the photo of the moth - I would like a real Print of it. It reminds me of a pastel - kinda weird thing to draw/paint but nice to photograph!

Is the first photo upside down? I had quite a few that turned out like that -

The 2nd photo is really different, it kind of reminds me of fuzzy catapillers.

I really think you should find the manual and spend a few minutes reading it - if You do I promise to stop pestering you to sign up on!

HAHA - only kidding!