Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I've been back from England for over a month and I'm just finally finishing up sharing the last of the photos from our first three day location. And that's by showing only a small percentage of the photos I actually snapped!

I took this first photo to share with an art friend, Pamela. She has a real thing for eyes. Go check out her website and you'll see what I mean. But when I finally got a chance to see the photo, I liked it too. I like the way the sky disappears (well, it doesn't on the green background of this blog, but it does on a plain white background, making the image look irregularly shaped. And how it's only two colors - gray with small spots of blue. And black. Three colors. Four. Dark green. - Like, okay....NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition! And if you don't get the reference - "I fart in your general direction!" Did you get that one? Before I dissolve into complete silliness, let's move on.

This photo was actually taken in the gardens of the first B&B we stayed at in Conwy, Wales. The owner of the B&B was sitting out by a small pond taking photos himself, so we went to investigate what was so interesting. This little guy doesn't look to thrilled about getting his picture taken, does he?

The last photo isn't all that remarkable, except I like the V-shape the lower walls make and the contrast of lighted areas with the black shadows and sky. There's actually 3 tiers of increasing light - the dark righthand wall, the lighter lefthand wall, and the lightest tower. Maybe that could be an analogy for something - striving higher? The three levels of awareness? Climbing out of ignorance into enlightenment? Or maybe, phbbt, it's just an interesting composition. Might be a fun one to play with in Photo Shop.

That's all. Just wanted to get something up here to look at. I'm currently busy being productive if not particularly creative. Unless you want to describe what I'm doing as a creative redefining of my living space. I'm actually working on decluttering my house. Paperwork. Being tossed by the bucketload. (Yes, actual bucketload. I've got an old bucket sitting by the woodstove to toss burnable paper in.) Children's books and old school books William has either outgrown or never used. Computer files. So, later folks. I gotta get my nose back to the ol' grindstone.

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