Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Lots and lots of photos for your viewing pleasure! These are all from my trip. No, not that trip. Geeze, you're behind the curve. Our most recent trip, two weeks driving around the American Southwest. I decided to post a few of my favorite artsy photos here. For photos (the kind with faces in them) and a "what we did on our summer vacation" synopsis from the trip you have to go to Beach Treasure.

I liked the simplicity of this photo.

Does this say summer to you? Maybe I'll play with this one for my Simple Still Life - the July theme is "Summer". I have some other summer ones too that I didn't share today that I might use as well.

Again, simple. I liked the way the colors were simple but strong, like an O'Keefe - pale blue, dark blue, red, white, green.

I finally found something to take photos of (these were in a museum in Balboa Park) for last month's Simple Still Life Challenge - something about objects with shadows being the focus. Might be fun to do something fabricy or Photo Shop-y with it.

This is in the outdoor amphitheatre in Balboa Park. Is that redundant? Are all amphitheatres outside? Anyhoo, I just loved the subtle textures and the diagonal lines made by the seats, the shadows, and the tiles.

In Balboa Park. The water turns the sky and land upside down.

At the Grand Canyon. Doesn't this gnarled old thing look sentient to you? Perhaps a little deranged as well. Standing there for all those years, looking into the abyss, talking to the wind, mumbling to himself.

In the aspen grove on my sister's property.

And I didn't even have to Photo Shop them to get this bizarre look. They were truly painted this fuschia color. Looking out from The Four Corners.

At a rest stop in Colorado. Columbine -the state flower. The light was so pretty shining through them. It was a bizarre rest stop. They had hanging baskets of flowers and funky wooden painted signs on the lawn and wallpaper border in the bathroom with photos of pressed flowers hanging behind the toilets.

A wall downtown Ft. Collins, CO. I liked the colors and how I can't quite make out what it originally said. It looks like "LOST" but the first letter isn't a "L" but a backwards "S". William was very embarrassed his mother was taking a photo of a wall.


Jaye said...

Isn't it great to go somewhere else and be able to SEE differently. Excellent photos! Thanks for sharing!

Janet said...

These are great! Thanks for "taking" us along on the trip.

Jan said...

Laume, I have enjoyed both of your blogs, I almost feel as though I have been on trips too. Thanks for sharing your photos, your thoughts, your family. It has been fun for this stay-at-home gal.

Robin said...

Oh, my! You are SUCH A FINE photographer! My favorite today is the benches and bricks in the amphitheatre. The golden pots and the pink posts are tied for second place. I don't have to go there, you've done it so well!

debbie said...

I think that blurry first letter might be a P. The English don't mail letters, but "post" them!
I've enjoyed reading your blog....and your photos are really great!!!