Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Having recently dealt with plumbing problems in my kitchen (now, two and a half days later, all fixed thank goodness), my mind turns to the idea of water - too much, too little, contained, flooding all over the place but not where you want it to be. So I have a question post for all of you. I hope you will all participate by sharing an answer, an insight, or even add to the confusion with another question if you're a troublemaker.

Question: Is your creativity flowing? What are your "faucets"? In other words, what turns on the flow for you?

I'm sure we all have some faucets in common, though some people might have unusual ways to get the flow going. What are your faucets? Do you have any unique or specific rituals or activities that get the energy and enthusiasm running? How do you deal with "plumbing problems"? When your ideas gets plugged up and won't go anywhere or your enthusiasm leaks out before you can use it productively, what are your tools to get things working again?

Tomorrow I'm going off for a big city shopping day. I've got a handful of items I can't find in town so I'll combine picking up the things on my list with treating myself to some holiday window shopping (maybe a bit of holiday gift shopping too) and a nice lunch. It's a two hundred mile round trip so I like to make it worth the trip, make a whole day of it. (I know that distance sounds insane to some of you folks. It's a wide open spaces Western thing. There's nothing closer to me except deer, fir trees, chaparral, rocks, scrub oak, mountain lions, cattle, barb wire fences..... you get the idea) So, I'll have plenty of time while I'm driving to give this question some thought and come up with some answers to share with you. But first, I want to hear what you all have to say about it.

Come on. Don't be shy! If I have to, I'll bribe you. 'Cuz I'm really looking for some new insights. I think I'll be on the lookout tomorrow for a little gift or two to offer for the best new idea. Share folks. And don't bother mentioning the dancing naked on the roof with an umbrella while singing old show tunes. I know it gets the adrenalin racing and the mind buzzing but my neighbors signed a petition requesting I NOT do that anymore so...... I need something new. Help me out.


Carolyn said...

Hi Laume ,
Just had to comment on this one , as i`ve seen so many people saying they have lost their creativity flow . Including me !
Part of it is state of mind , and external worries , that clouds your creativity . If you think i want to do something , pressure is on you to do so , which may result in doing it half heartedly , or giving up on it totally , thus making you feel even less productive . Making it a vicious circle.
I`m trying now to step back from what i normally do , and not think that i have to create something to post or my readers will desert me . Just take some time out , clear your mind of toxic thoughts and enjoy the process . then inspiration will visit you when you least expect it !
Hope you had a great shopping trip !!

Sherry said...

plumbing, faucets, ceativity..flow...nice word progression!!

I don't have any particular "triggers" that will spark my creativity. It could be seeing something in a magazine, seeing something on someone else's blog, finding a piece of fabric or just looking at the things I have and suddenly I'm energized.

If I sit and think about being creative it just doesn't happen. Being in the "mood" helps and sometimes a glass of wine (in the late afternoon or evening, not with my cornflakes!!) will loosen the taps.

If I'm feeling particularly stuck I will just play around with things...I have no destination in mind and sometimes because of that I'll make the best things.

Hopefully your round trip shopping expedition will have "lit" a fire under you. I hope you had a good trip and found some wonderful things! Do share!!

Belita Rose said...

Well actually being at your house makes me inspired. Every time I leave your house I get all excited to come home and clean and organize and then make things. I don't know what it is that gives me that overwhelming urge to organize me house. So I guess you're my inspiration.

Lori said...

hi, pondering your question...what inspires me...all different things: a color, a shape, some cute little bauble i chance upon...when i am feeling blocked...i just ride it out...lay in fritos...and read!!!
no i do not look like oh, now i forgot her name, the one you mentioned to me about my glasses...her...she is SO MUCH cuter with these glasses than i...i may get brave and post a picture soon to prove it to you...
and honestly i would shop exclusively online if i had to drive 200 miles to go anywhere!!!