Friday, November 09, 2007

I'm so proud of myself. I actually got up off my softly cushioned back side and marched myself into the studio and got to work. Lots of cleaning happened. I cleared out what was stored in the armoire and moved it into the living room and it looks nice, so the smaller cabinet that was housing our videos will go back to the studio to hold most of the fabric I took out of the armoire.

First though, I had to take all the videos out of the cabinet. Some of them are VHS tapes that have been in there unwatched for a decade, others are new DVDs crammed in wherever there was room. So I took the time to sort them out alphabetically in little stacks all around the living room so they can be sorted, duplicates and unwanted movies tossed. A lot of them are homemade tapes with multiple movies or television shows on them and those are still in a pile that will be harder to sort but hey, I'm making progress.

Although I'm getting a lot done, it's not like it's very interesting to look at, so instead I'll share some photos of the little bag of goodies I brought home from the thrift store this afternoon.

You'll really have to click to open these images to see details. This one is labeled with a name on the back and a date, 1976. Sort of frightening that 1976 sounds like long ago to me now since I was already an adult then. Just barely an adult, but still. Anyway, this is cut and displayed in a 3-D style. It reminds me of the little fruit and vegetable shops we saw all over England.

I don't know if you can tell the "silk purse" is very shimmery. It will be fun to fill and display. The little box has a wee fairy on it and inside it's like a tiny jewelry box with a mirror in the top. The little cloth is hand embroidered with a winter scene. You need to open the photo to see the smaller items - the cat pin is very nice, heavy metal. The hat pin has little diamonds (I assume not REAL diamonds) around the base.

This old serving tray is fairly large, about 12-14" across the length and I thought it would look cute with beads or fruit or whatever heaped in it for display. The little rustic pears were twenty five cents each. At the fancy home decor shop they are $4-6 each. The gloves are too small for my hands, just barely, but they are so sweet. Can you make out the rose pattern crocheted (knit? I'll have to look closely at them again) on the ends of the sleeves?

These are nice botanical prints but I really bought them for the unusual long shaped frames. I might be tempted to display the middle one just as it is but I'm hoping to use the other two to frame collage or other art.

That's it - I have to go spend some time with my vamp now. Mick St. John. Moonlight has never been so appealing.


Carolyn said...

These are some beautiful thrift finds you have come across ! The 3 frames are just gorgeous !

Sherry said...

I love thrift finds and you've done so very well! I love the 3D piece at the fruit stall. I love the silk bag (gorgeous) and I would definitely keep that framed piece as is from the grouping of's stunning.