Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tonight I put up a Holiday Photos post over on Beach Treasure. Lots of touristy pictures. I'll leave a link at the bottom of the post for you to use to go check them out, but first scroll down to see some of the artsy photos from the same travel set.

These little sea "urchins" were in a deserted plaza a block or so away from the Tower of London. They must have been happy on the day I took the photo - it was raining.

We went on the London Eye, a giant ferris wheel that is perched on the edge of the Thames River. I liked this colorful barge and bridge segment in the middle of the gray waters.

Speaking of water, there sure is a lot of it in London - quite a bit of it falls, frequently, from the skies. We were protected from these rain drops by a clear glass (plastic?) rooftop.

Walking along the river we passed a display of Dali sculptures. They were having an exhibition in a facing building. I would have loved to have seen it but William didn't have the inclination and we didn't really have the time which, as you can see, was quickly melting away.

I'm not sure what this sculpture was meant to say but as a woman I could certainly identify with the need to balance that egg.

Star Wars-ish elephant balancing an open triangle. Nope. Don't have a clue. The London Eye in the background.

There were two of these fellows, each protected one side of a bridge (don't know the name of the bridge, sorry) that crossed the Thames.

I don't remember where I saw this sculpture. Hmmmm. Can't tell you who it is either. But I do like the image of a powerful woman in charge of these two stallions. This is as it should be, yes?

Okay, now check out buildings, more statues, clocks, and of course William in the photos on Beach Treasure.

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Michele said...

Beautiful photos! Makes me miss London. :-)

We definitely need more statues and art in public places around California, especially in Southern CA.