Saturday, March 29, 2008

Went to the market today. Actually, I went to the library, it was closed by the time I got there (our local library is only open for about 20 minutes a day, five times a week, it drives me nuts) so instead I went into the discount market next door and decided to do some rambling. I've fallen into doing as little "housewife-y" shopping as possible lately, so I never think to shop for the extra discounted goodies I can find at this store - I just go straight to the big market in town and get everything in one full swoop. But I've made some improvement in my new "eat healthy, eat at home" game plan, so it was fun to find some special additions. Until I got to the end of the trip, opened my check book, and discovered hubby had been saving up a bunch of ATM slips and had just subtracted them all and we actually had only half the money of the check I was about to write. Oops. But it was the weekend and then the first of the month, so - whew. ANYWAY.... I took some photos of wine art.

I liked these three together. First, on the left, you've got yourself a tree. In the middle we have a tree and a tempting green snake wrapped around it. And finally, on the right, we've dispensed with the tree altogether and all that's left is a snake. And apparently once you're on your third bottle of wine, even the bottle is somewhat snakelike - can you see that the bottle curves?

And then I found this cool (hot?) looking fellow. Awesome. I read the label and apparently this wine was the result of a contest between vintners to come up with something drinkable out of a one year timetable from vine to glass.

And more shady looking characters! All merlots. Hmmmm, snakes and sauvignon blanc, shady characters and merlots - is there some sort of symbolism that you have to be a wine drinker and "in the know" to understand? In any case, I loved these bad boys so much I wanted to bring them all home with me. I came to my senses, however, and realized that I didn't really need A merlot, much less MANY merlots. ("I do not own a gun, much less MANY guns, that would necessitate the need for a gun rack." - name that quote) Unless I was planning a merlot tasting party, which I was not. Who would I invite? William? Underage! I really need a trashier.... er, I mean "more refined, wine drinking" set of friends who live close enough to do crazy things with on occasion.

So I settled for my favorite, and the one that sounded the most drinkable - Diaboliqué. But first I have to finish up a bottle of Chardonnay my hubby gave me for my birthday - because he thought I'd like the bottle. Not the best way to choose your wines (although usually my selection choice) but this time it turned out really well. One of the nicer bottles we've had in a while. It's from a vintner called Moonshadow Wines out of Napa, but I can't even find a weblink to share with you. Too bad - you'll have to go find your own - by the selection process of your own choosing. Choose by label? Pick a number from one to ten? Close your eyes and select the first bottle your fingers touch? Choose by size of bottle (or box!)?

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