Friday, June 06, 2008

Driving to Reno yesterday through the high desert, we passed the local shoe tree. I always watch for it as one of the few distance markers on the long ninety mile trip but this time, of course, what popped out.... I SAW RED!

So we stopped on the way back home to snap a few photos. Not the best photos as I only had my old camera in my purse. But the red really does stand against the muted dusty colors of the high desert, even when you're winging by at 65 mph. (the bright blue skies aren't too shabby either.)

While I snapped a few photos, hubby made himself useful picking up all the fallen, shoes and tying them back in the lower branches.

More picturesque photos to be seen today over on Beach Treasure. If your in the mood for green and peaceful, go see.

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Denise said...

Those shoes hanging in the tree is so fun! Love the red soles.