Monday, June 30, 2008

Today starts a new week and a new color theme for Shades of Inspiration.


I try to make each day a theme - pink in the garden, pink decor, pink architecture.... but I just didn't feel like it today. So here's a hodge podge of pink.

This is a painted truck that sits in a field off Highway 395 on the way to Reno. I've driven this road hundreds of times and I still have to look for this truck and have a quick smile as I woosh by it.

One of my favorite tea cups, although in this particular shot I'm using it as a coffee cup. I bought it at one of my favorite Susanville shops, La Belle Maison. It was supposed to be part of a set but some of the pieces broke and so they sold each remaining cup and saucer pair for $5 and single unmatched cups or saucers for $3. Lucky "break" for me. The spoon is from the shop as well, I think it was $2.

Someone left a flower on the grave of two sisters in Susanville's pioneer cemetery. A flu epidemic swept through the area in the late 1800's and there are many, many children's graves from that time period. It makes one thankful for the advances of modern medicine. We may over use it at times, but there's no mistaking it's power to save lives that would have been lost in days gone by.

I love this tea pot, found it at a junk shop in Sweet Home, Oregon. The tea cup was a Ross Department Store find. I used to collect these flower fairies. The cats have knocked over and broken a few. They're packed away at the moment until I can think of a more cat safe location for them.

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