Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I was going to take some photos of my most recent craft store and thrift shop treasures, but then I got distracted. A friend who I haven't seen since mid March called and said "Let's do lunch!" and y'know, a girl has to have her priorities. So, maybe I'll get those treasures photographed tomorrow. However, I was inspired to wander around the house and yard yesterday, camera in hand, in search of shades of white for Shades of Inspiration.

A quiet seat in the garden

A boneyard...er, I mean a yard bone. That is, a bone in the yard.

Critter and clippers

A basket of beach treasure

And speaking of Beach Treasure, if you'd like a brighter view of the world, today I've posted some more color drenched photos there.

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raining rita said...

I love the keys and the basket of shells.