Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oops, I missed a day, then another day, then another... been busy and out of town and dealing with a sinus infection and smoke from a fire and ....

but, I'll slip in here with one more Shades of Inspiration green before the week is over.

The sun setting through the backyard grape arbor.

More grapes on the fence.

Today is the last day to go to the Flickr group and see all the green photos. They'll be erased tonight. I'm not sure why we have to take the different colors done each week, but that's the hostess Sadie's decision. Monday will start a new color - creams and whites. I'm excited about this noncolor week, I bet there is going to be some wonderful images.

I've also got to post about some other things going on around here - craft and fabric runs to the big city and ... well, I'll save it for the next post.

For now, I'll leave you with a song. All week because of this green theme I've had this old song stuck in my head. I was a huge John Denver fan in the days. I hope today finds you in a Cool and Green and Shady mood.


Rosemary said...

Thanks for the nice comments.
Sorry about your sinus infection. I get those sometimes.
My brother lives in Northern California. He lives in San Ramon.
Talk to you soon,

Allegra Smith said...

Love the shots! the leaves in particular but the grapes made me hungry for grapes, we were looking for some Concords yesterday at the Portland Nursery and came home instead with chocolate mint, Basil Genovese, and some chives. I decided that the birds already eat our figs, our blueberries, our raspberries, our tomatoes and it will make me so mad I could spit nails if they also ate the grapes.
So, no grapes. Yours are lovely tho.

Thank you for stopping by today,
I hope you can find the Devine paint, here is a link for you to peruse the colors.

We love it, most of all because its organic...Oregonians through and through, our stripe is showing LOL


Jana said...

I like the backlit leaves, very pretty!