Sunday, February 05, 2006

I think this art blog is good for me. It gives me the sense of someone looking over my shoulder, wondering if I'm up to anything creative. Yesterday I told myself that I would do something creative. I didn't even write that in this blog. In fact, if I recall, I wrote about how I had to spend the afternoon up at the snow resort and how I wouldn't be able to do anything creative.

It turned out that after spending an hour getting my bag and warm clothing, chihuahua and me packed and in the car, detouring to Starbucks for a vanilla latte, and driving all the way up there, I wasn't even out of the car when the boys came trudging down wet and discouraged (the snow was seriously melting and the conditions were lousy) and ready to go home again. Which was fine with me, it was like getting a free afternoon I didn't know I'd have. I think that is when I promised myself I'd do something creative with my gift of extra time.

Of course I didn't spend the afternoon being creative. I spent it pretending to be productive by cleaning out computer files. Yah, yah, it was quasi-useful, but so low down on important-things-to-do that I'm embarrassed to admit to it. I did spend about ten minutes collecting images online for a color challenge piece I'm still hoping to do. But that was it. Pretty lame.

But Wait! (do I sound like an infomercial? 'But wait! There's more! You will also receive...') I did putter away the rest of the day, but I felt such dread at having to come back here tomorrow and have nothing to show and tell for day, that I REDEEMED myself! Yes, I did! I told myself I couldn't go to bed until I did something, even if it was just cut the one missing piece for the last block for my due-in-April grandbaby's quilt.

And of course, you know how that goes. It's the getting started part that is soooo hard. So instead of cutting that one piece and then going to bed, I ended up finishing the blocks for that quilt, picking out the sashing for them, and making a pattern to follow so I can sew another grandson's quilt top together, hopefully today. Here's a picture of the squares laid out the way I decided to sew them together. Nothing fancy.

It's for his first birthday. (in lieu of a birth quilt, as he didn't come into our lives until he was already halfway through his first year - sad story but with a happy ending) Here's a picture of Garret:

And now I have to go as William and Jeff are hovering around worried I'll forget to go get snacks for the Superbowl this afternoon. They offered to go for me but ACK!, who knows what they'd come home with! So I've gotta go. The big question, of course - no, not 'Who will win - Pittsburg or Seattle?' The big question is 'Do I watch the game or sew the quilt together?' Stay tuned...

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Diane said...

What a cute grandbaby! Congratulations on having him in your family! And how lucky he is to get such a nice quilt!