Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm happy to report that I was a busy little bee last night. I got the rest of the baby quilt top sewn together. I won't post a photo, as I already posted a pic of the layout a few days ago. Now on to making the sashing for the other quilt top and sew that together and..... that might, I think, be the last of the "utilitarian" quilts I am committed to making just now.

I've felt like making more artsy fartsy stuff, but am determined to finish the things I've started first. Because it would be so much more predictable, but so much more unproductive, for me to do what I'd usually do, which is to ignore the stuff I should finish and start something new, but not finish it either, and then all I would have to show for my efforts is MORE guilt. So, I'm not doing that. I'm PERSEVERING. And that feels good. It's not amazing. I can't wow you with the my cutting edge creativity. But it feels very mature of me.

I went to a fiber arts show at the the local county arts council building today. I was supposed to contribute some pieces to it, but forgot. Now that I've seen the show, I'm a bit less disappointed about missing out. For one thing, the gallery was full - to the point where some things were displayed poorly due to space limitations. Plus, there were no signs or anything saying "Please do not touch" or something like that. This might seem OBVIOUS to some of you, unnecessary. But you must remember I live in a, I think it's fair to use the word 'unsophisticated', community, and it may not seem obvious to all the folks who might wander through this month. Lastly, there were some interesting pieces, but there wasn't really anything that stretched the traditional to a great degree.

I mean, if it was a local quilt show, and there were all sorts of traditional quilts, I would enjoy them, delight in color choices, skill level, that sort of thing. I'm really not a quilt snob. I love the craft of traditional quilts and honestly, if forced to choose, would have to say I'm prouder of the traditional, comfort quilts I've made then I am of anything more artsy I've created. It might sound very trite but, I'll chose loving appreciation over creative admiration any day.

But this wasn't a quilt show, it was an ART show. I really don't think a stack of quilted placemats, no piecing, qualifies as 'art', do you? There was one piece, woven, from denim strips and some other heavy fabric in red. It was very nicely done. The artist called it something to do with a sunset I think, and it was priced at $750. I know, I know, it was woven by hand. But honestly? It looked like a scrap rug you could buy at Walmart. I'm sorry, but it did! And there was a lot of traditional block quilts, mostly small, mostly very basic, mostly done in traditional fabric choices. Can we say...... calico? If I received a quilt like that from my aunt as a birthday gift, I'd be delighted. But art?

Okay, I've been snotty enough, probably offended enough people for one day. Specially since I just pointed out that all I'm working on nowadays is the same basic stuff. It's just, I was looking forward to seeing some art today. Sigh. I guess I'll have to stick to the internet.

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