Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's been almost a week since I've had anything to post here. Gulp. But, in my defense, I've been battling the most horrendous germy invasion. My hubby has been off work for a week with it, and he'd been sick but going to work for two weeks before that. He finally passed it on to me about a week ago - gee thanks. And now the teen son has it as well. We're just a bunch of coughers and hackers and snifflers and achers.

But, moving on, I have been working on little bits of the process in my purple project. I was all ready to go into the studio and work on it today except for the fact that I woke up this morning with the sudden realization that I had another project with a deadline only .........


I just realized I can't talk about this project. The person I'm making it for might read about it. Sigh. I took photos to show you and everything. So, never mind. You'll all just have to trust me when I say, I sewed today. I'll post the pics at a future date.

I've also been working on my orange poncho thingie. No sense showing another photo of that though until it's done.

In the meantime, I took some photos tonight. We've had this really strange wet rain and snow storm. The rain came down and down and down, for several days. Then the temperature dropped suddenly today and the snow came down this morning. Temperature went up and it was rain again during part of the day. Temperature swooped down again and MORE snow, the kind that's so big and fluffy it looks like someone in the heavens ripped open a down pillow and all those feathers are floating down on you. But the really neat thing was that everything was so wet and it turned to ice so fast that it made the snow stick to everything. Not just simply the tops of trees or cars or fences, but the side and bottoms and anywhere else it could manage to stick. Like someone tarred and feathered the entire world, only that sounds painful. Although, I supposed being covered in ice and snow isn't such a pleasant experience either. I bet the trees don't like it one bit.

Here's my favorite photo. Can you tell what this is?

And here's one just for Deb. I thought she'd like it because she has had this thing for rusty stuff lately. I wish I could have captured it the way I could see it in person - it was backlit by the outside flood light which made the curlicues into silhouettes (of course then you couldn't see the rust), and the light shown through the snow and made it look like a halo or aura. It was really pretty. But if I flashed, I got this. If I didn't flash, it was simply too dark to get an image. Still, I like this one. I'd like to see what Deb can do with it in a Photo Shop.

And why, you may ask, don't I want to do something with it in Photo Shop myself? Remember, I got a Photo Shop for my birthday in January. Well, that's a very good question and here's the answer. I finally decided to spend the evening trying it out a few nights ago and discovered the display looked like something out of a nuclear power plant (or how I envision a nuclear power plant panel would look) or the instrument panel for a very large jet.

I tried, I really did. But as much as I hate to do this, damn, I think I'm gonna have to admit that Deirdre was right when she tried to boss me into taking an online tutorial for the program. It may be the only way I'll ever get to play in it. Sigh.

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Debra said...

I've been in a nuclear power plant (EBR1 up in Idaho... it's inactive. and Photoshop doesn't look quite like it.

But I did find it quite hard to figure out on my own. Fortunately (or not).. it also crashed my old computer almost daily, so I removed it and sold it.