Monday, February 20, 2006

I've been sorta under some sort of .... not a bug.... not sick..... just something. So I don't have much to show. I did upscale the sketch I needed for my purple project. But I'm not gonna share it. So there. Phbbt.

I will show you the scarf or poncho I worked on while up at the snow resort yesterday.

No, that's not it. That's Buck and Rosie. I brought out the camera, so they came running and and sat to get their picture taken. They think every time I take out the camera it means they're gonna get their picture taken. Didn't want to disappoint them, so, there ya go. And no, Rosie isn't that big in relation to Buck. She's just that much closer to the lens. She's actually about the size of his head.

Okay, that's better. Here's the scarf I'm making. Or maybe it's a poncho. I haven't decided yet. It's knit in two parts. I can either sew them end to end in a sort of mobius strip kinda way, without the twist... never mind, I'm even confusing myself. Anyway, I can sew them one way to make a poncho, or I can sew them end to end and make a wide scarf/shawl. I'm thinking about making it a poncho and then hanging beady fringe from it. Note the helpful black cat, Nut (pronounced "newt"), making sure everything is arranged properly for the picture.

I found this wonderful fuzzy yarn on clearance while on vacation in Oregon last year. I bought it up in a bunch of different colors, the idea being to make all the girls/women on my Yule gift list ponchos from it. Here's the same pattern as the orange one done up in blue. I finished the two sections, but haven't sewn them together yet. I got as far as this blue one when I realized I should make sure it fit, that it looked cute.... so I pinned this one up and then told my mom I was making it for Lisa and I needed her to try it on because she was about the same size, so I could make sure it would fit her. My mom let me put it over her shoulders and fuss with it a bit before she said "Y'know, if this is for me, I'm sorry, but I won't wear something like this."

Damn. It was for her. She knows me too well.

So I decided to make the orange one next, because that one was for me. And see if I would wear it. No sense knitting a dozen of these babies only to have them quietly shoved into the back of a closet. If the poncho looks dorky, my back up plan is to make them all into the ever popular long scarves instead, a sure crowd pleaser.

And oh, if you're related to me, you shouldn't be reading this. Oops, too late.

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