Sunday, June 04, 2006

Artsy Photo Offering #2

I had a new camera and I couldn't be bothered by anything as silly as reading the instruction manual before the trip. So I had a lot of trouble with focus. Sigh.

This is an underground pool in the roman baths which I believe was originally used as a bathing pool. It is now used as a "offering pool" and a sign read that visitors were allowed to leave offerings to Sulis Minerva at this site. Basically, a "wishing well." I liked the way the coins, which were from many different countries, shimmered.

I did not leave a coin here, although William did, because I had surreptitiously left one at an earlier spot along the tour where a sign said the original offerings were left, deep at the heart of the spring. Here is a photo of it below. You can't really see it in the photo, but there were many coins here as well, some old, some new, most weathered, the copper ones green with age. Although you weren't suppose to toss coins here, at least it wasn't posted for you to do so, many people over the years had done so as I did, and it was nice to see that the trust which handles the site honored the sacred intent, leaving the offerings and blessings that were given.

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