Thursday, June 29, 2006

This blog can truthfully complain it's my most abandoned brain child. That's because I've been so busy being out there in the world gathering new experiences, seeing new sights (or old sights for the first time, or old sights through a different day or.....) that I'm almost not on the computer at all, nor have I had any time to create or use any of my new experiences in an artful way. I'm still not home. I'm currently at my son Joe's home in San Diego. We'll be here until halfway through the weekend, then it's a day and a half drive which will probably take three days because I have two more kids and a handful of grandkids to see on the way home.

But I noticed that folks have come here to visit this past week and I have been a terrible hostess, NOTHING NEW to entertain any of you. I picture you all clicking yourself across the vast desert that is the world wide web, hoping to find an oasis of creativity here at this website, only when you finally trudge in, weary, exhausted, you find NOTHING. Okay, so maybe I'm projecting some of my traveling experiences onto your life, but it's my fantasy so that's how I see you.

So I decided to pop in and comment about a few vignettes of my recent road trip.

- I get some of my best ideas for writing and images while I'm driving long distances. I've got several poems and dozens of new art ideas all swirling around in my head, clinging desperately to a neuron or two. Unfortunately it's impossible to draw or write and STILL drive. And stopping by the side of the road in 100 degree heat isn't really a fun option. Even if I didn't have a 14 year old with me who would complain so loudly that I wouldn't be able to think anyway. I kept telling myself that I'd write it all down at the next gas stop or the stop for the night, but I don't remember when the time comes. Or, you try writing in the dark with a flashlight when you have only ten brain cells still awake. (We've been sleeping in our new-to-us pop up camper)

-The southwest might be dry and hot and full of scorpions and snakes, but it's also full of sky. And beautiful landscapes everywhere you turn. Alas, the most picturesque spots seemed to be when we were driving along a cliff slope or a highway with no way to pull over and take a photo. Pout.

-Since my son and DIL have to work, during our visit here our mornings and half the afternoons are our own. I spent three hours yesterday alone in Balboa Park. I went to the San Deigo Art Museum. Spent $10 to get in and, honestly, eh. It was okay. They had an Andy Warhol exhibit there which I actually liked a lot more then I thought I would. There were a few O'Keefe's. I adore her work and have never seen any in person before, so THAT was cool! But clearly it was bad timing. Just having come back from all those museums in London and Paris - San Diego just couldn't compete. Gawd, does that sound pretentious or WHAT!

-I really enjoyed a second museum I visited, I think it was called The Charm Museum? The entire first floor was filled with displays from Carnaval around the world - you know - Rio de Janiero, Mardi Gras, and so on around the world. The top floor had a wonderful display of personal adornment from different cultures - mainly headdresses and necklaces.

-I'm still having trouble getting good shots in low lighting with this new camera of mine. I know, I know, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. Phbbbt.

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