Saturday, June 03, 2006

Long time no see! A whole month my son and I have been gone, gallivanting around the world. It was lovely, exciting, inspiring, awesome, fun, eye-opening, educational, and exhausting. Our first day back home today has been mostly about battling jet lag from the 9 hour time difference we've traveled and uploading the gabillion photos we took of and on our adventures. I decided to post one a day on my blogs until I either a) run out of photos or b) get bored and move on to another idea. If you want to see the touristy shots of William and I standing in front of things, or if you want to read about our adventures (I kept up that blog through the month's travels) visit my Beach Treasure blog. If you want to see artsy scenic photos, artsy compositions, or photos of art check here. I figured that will help keep something new on here until I can catch up to speed with life and/or find time to do something creative in the studio. That might be awhile since even though I'm home at the moment, I still have at least three more long distance trips to make in the next eight weeks! But hey, taking all those photos was creative in and of itself, so I get credit for it even if my studio door stays shut and my fabric/beads/craft supplies continue to collect a fine layer of dust.

Oh, I did start find a knitting project eventually. Didn't buy the yarn until I was actually across the pond but I started a hat while in England. It was a good project to do during long train trips. I didn't have a pattern, I was just "winging it." I got as far as the rim and "body" of it and then chickened out of trying to finish the top because I wasn't sure how quickly to reduce the number of stitches for the affect I wanted. Now that I'm back home, I'll check some patterns and have a stab at it sometime soon.

In the meantime,

Artsy Travel Photo #1

This fearsome head carved in Bath stone is thought to be the Gorgon’s head, which was a powerful symbol of the goddess Sulis Minerva. It resides in the temple room in the ruins of Roman baths in..... big surprise here.... Bath, England. I had a new camera and I'm still working out how to get sharp images in low light settings. That's why this picture is a bit blurry. Blurry but I still liked it. Click on it to see it full sized.

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Janet said...

Can't wait to see all the photos! This one is great. I love faces carved in just about anything. My grandfather (dad's side) came here from England and I've always thought I might like to go there some time.