Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More pink hodge podge today. We'll cover a lot of miles today so you're gonna need one of these to get around....

A life sized pink Barbie Jaguar from the automobile history museum in Coventry, England.

There was a Pig Street Art exhibit going on while we walked around downtown Seattle, WA. My grandson Joshua was checking out this pig's knobs and paint. We decided it was a pig just like his mommy, with all the "piercings and tats".

Saltwater taffy from a candy shop in the Nevada desert. Guess you don't need to actually be near salt water to make saltwater, eh?

My daughter-in-law Lisa tried very hard not to dress Joli in the traditional pink wardrobe that everyone expects of baby girls. But then daddy got his hands on her and.... Now, at a year and a half, she looks adorable in whatever she wears - sometimes pink and frilly, sometimes black or camo. A girl's gotta have style options, right?

The homes on Coronado Island, San Diego, California are so gorgeous (and so out of most everyone's price range!) I really loved the flowers covering this "cottage".

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