Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dang! I got sidetracked with writing over on Beach Treasure and then one of my favorite old movies came on the telly, and now I can't remember what I was gonna say here! Something witty and wise, surely. But now it's gone.

I can't keep up with the OWOH participants - they're breeding faster than rabbits! But that's not to say I'm not trying. I'm finding so many NEW bloggers this year, blogs full of inspiration and ideas and laughter and insightful perspectives. I'm having to make hard decisions about how much time I have to visit, but I'm still adding a lot of new names to my Bloglines list. I really should get more of my favorite blogs listed here on my sidebar so you can visit them too, but it's so easy to use the feeds over on Bloglines, I'm spoiled. I've also gotta figure out how to add one of those Blogger's Followers widgets to my sidebar. My Settings tab doesn't give me the right options. One more thing I've got to get to. Eventually. After I get around to six zillion must-do's. Taxes. Erg. I don't even want to type that much less do them. Do all the prep work for our sewer pipe to be fixed. It's cold outside! I want someone else to do it - WAH!

I lost most of the weekend to a migraine but I finally picked myself up, dusted myself off, and tested my eyeballs on sunshine today. It didn't attack me. Knock on wood. (Is this how vampires feel - always scurrying around worried a little ray of light is gonna make their head explode?) So I went back to working in the studio tonight. The problem with making surprises there is that, well, they have to stay surprises. For awhile. So, no photos. Instead, I'll share this one, from my garden: (click to enlarge it)

I don't know why, but I really love this photo. It's almost a sepia straight from nature. What about that little stick poking in horizontally? I'm not sure if that adds to the photo or distracts from it. It would make a nice background for.... something. Not sure what yet. I saw some really great monotone works on..... dang, I wish I could keep track of the blogs I visited tonight. I won't remember 'til I get back to visiting them again. But hey, what are you doing still hanging out here. You can go visiting yourself - just click on the OWOH button in the sidebar.

Me, I'm not gonna make it to the end of the movie. Yawwwwn. Good thing I know whodunit. But I'm still gonna have the music in my head for days. Here's a sample of it with some great visuals:

And if you're still crushing on the new man in office, check out this Obama, Louisiana style!


Pherenike said...

I often have an idea of what I want to write about but then it goes out of my head when I get to the computer!

OWOH is going crazy! I too have found so many blogs to revisit I dont know how I will have the time in the day to go to work and earn any money! Thanks for finding me on the list!

The photo from the garden is really nice. I love old seedpods etc, I gather them to use in my art.

Anonymous said...
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