Friday, January 30, 2009

Lots done this evening. I didn't plan on doing anything. I planned to sit on the couch and watch Monk and Psych. But I got restless and decided to follow up on that idea I had a while back to knit some wrist warmers. I found another another pattern I liked - this one - from A Friend To Knit With. They're beyond simple, which is what I like about them. There was another pattern on her site for warmers with thumb holes but I liked that these could be slid up and down for different levels of warm. And I figured I'd have something in my yarn stash that would work. But it could never be as simple as that for me - have an idea, do it. Nope. Not in my play book.

With a couple minutes before Monk was about to begin, I skipped off to the studio to find a nice color yarn and the requested size 7 double pointed needles. Or something close to size 7 at least. I have a whole ton of DPN's, I always pick up needles at the thrift shop whenever I see them. (Still, it never fails the pattern I decide on requires the ONE size I don't have in that particular type of needle- circular, straight, double pointed).

Well, yes, I do have an awful lot of knitting needles. The straight and circular ones are all sticking out of a big old pitcher on the shelf, like a colorful bouquet of slim alien flowers. But unbeknownst to me, my DPN's were..... someplace else.

I spent almost two hours in the studio (fortunately I have a small television in there so I didn't miss my shows - whew!), looking for the elusive someplace else. When the obvious someplaces didn't turn up anything small and pointy, I started in on the stack of still unsorted crap and figured I might as well sort it while I was digging through it.

I didn't find the needles but I got a lot of things sorted. If I look for my needles long enough, I might manage to clean my entire studio. And then, of course, go to the store to buy the #7 double pointed needles.

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