Thursday, January 08, 2009

You may recall that some time last year, so long ago that I can no longer recall exactly when, but I think it was midsummerish, I joined a blogging community called Wardrobe Refashion Challenge. The challenge - one would not buy new clothing for a period of two, four, or six months, depending on your personal commitment. I jumped in with a six month pledge and a lot of doubt that I'd manage to make it through the first week.

Well, I did. I made it through the first week, the first month, the entire six months - or whatever it's been. I think longer than that because I just checked back in with the website and find sign ups have come and gone for the next round several times.

I did have one slip. I bought a new $5 tee at Target out of their annual Halloween prints. I knew it was unique and that I'd wear it a lot. I forgot to put up my "Get Out of Jail Free" card here acknowledging my purchase, but that's okay. I got one card for every two months I pledged and I only ever needed it that one time. AWESOME ME.

Actually, the longer I went, the easier it became not to buy anything. I'm not a crazy wild woman shopper or anything, but I am armed with disposable income and in the past I tended to come away from any shopping trip with a bag or two on my arm. Probably the only thing that stopped me from being one of those crazy women shoppers is that most shopping opportunities are geographically so far away that it's a lot of trouble to get to a store - except the local Walmart, and how exciting can that be.

Not only did it become easier to resist, it felt good not to buy anything. I was surprised that there were only a handful of times I was ever seriously tempted and each time I walked away without a purchase and was glad of it later. Not buying clothes also made it easier to restrain myself with other impulse buying. I made a personal commitment not to add to my fabric stash as well. I didn't do as well on that pledge - I bought a few fat quarters a couple of times - but I did resist 90% of the time. In fact I bought a lot less of everything and anything and find life not only still goes on, it's wonderful not to have new clutter and bags to deal with all the time. I missed the deadline to sign up again for the Refashion Pledge, but I'm still pledging to myself to make most of my future shopping of the window shopping variety.

The rest of the Refashion Pledge story, one pledged not to buy new clothing, but also to buy used or use what was in your wardrobe and refashion into something new. I do love thrift shop shopping - it's like treasure hunting - although I've even found myself reluctant to bring home more wardrobe in this way. I'm too lazy to even hem a pair of pants or replace a button on a cardigan so I didn't do much refashioning, except for my faery garb.

Creating my faery outfits turned out to be a lot of fun though and I think the new year will find me experimenting with refashioning some clothes for unique everyday wear. Everyday but not ordinary - that's what I'm thinking. I'm too worried about ruining something perfectly wearable in my wardrobe so I'll probably have to do some thrifting to find something I wouldn't wear as is to safely refashion - or destroy. We'll see.

Surfing for refashioning hits on the net, I came across this interesting blog.

And speaking of free thinking fashion, I stole this pic from my daughter-in-law's blog. It's Joli. A sad Joli, for what reason I know not. Probably because she couldn't have a cupcake or go bye-bye or some other two year old tragedy. But look at her outfit - footie pajamas, not one but TWO tutus, and fairy wings. Now that's personal style.

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