Sunday, January 04, 2009

With everything that the holiday brings, as well as unexpected non-holiday issues like sick and high need pets and plumbing problems, I haven't posted for .... ack! Two weeks! Well, perhaps everyone else was busy too and didn't notice my absence.

So now, I'm back and well, will you look at that - it's a new year! Dang, I really should have posted on New Year's Eve so I could have made some joke about "see you next year". Missed it.

I'm blessed with a studio, really an extra bedroom. It's rather large and it serves multi-purposes. Not only are all my art and crafting supplies and work space within it's walls, it's also my library, my office, my coat and costume closet, and most important to this conversation, it's also the guest bedroom. The disadvantage to that last use is that when we have company or family visiting, it almost always means any crafting or creating comes to a screeching halt.

And so it did this December once the holidays went into high gear. I forgot to factor that into my giftmaking plans. Several people will be receiving their gifts sometime .... soon. Soon being a relative term. Hopefully, soon soon. Right now I'm back at square one trying to reclaim my space and clear work space once again.

Which brings me 'round to a New Year's resolution. Maybe I should call it a goal. Or a priority. Whatever I call it, it's this - I need to find a balance between decluttering so I have room to create and not using the clutter as an excuse not to move forward with my creative plans.

I've been ping ponging back and forth between the two goals so often and so quickly, I never stick to either long enough to make enough of a difference to move the balance. It's been a stand off for several years now. Not that I don't get any mess cleaned up, I do. Over and over again. Not that I don't get anything created, I do that too. It always comes as a surprise to me when I actually manage it, but it does. The frustration is that I spent far more time doing neither or frittering or stuck somewhere in between the two.

I'm not sure what the solution is - tomorrow is my first personal post holiday day. I'll be taking down decorations and mulling over my options.

I guess it'll help to state my goals more succintly here. It's late and my brain is a bit fuzzy but here goes:

1. I want to make MORE art. Hmmm. Yeah. I guess it really is that simple. I don't really care what I make as much as I care about making it.
2. I want to make my creative space more organized.

I guess I do have a couple more specific goals as well -

3. I want to try my hand at more paper and assemblage art.
4. I want to go to at least one creative workshop or retreat this year. Anyone have any ideas on one (hopefully not too far travel distance) they would recommend?
5. I want to refashion some of my clothing (and costumes for Faerieworlds) and make wearable art.
6. Probably a goal on everyone's list - I'd like to finish up the most guilt producing of my unfinished projects.
7. I remembered one more - I want to look into local college classes to see if I can find one that will help me learn more photo shop skills. If that doesn't pan out then I simple want to learn some new computer photo manipulation techniques.
8. Oops, I lied. One more. I'm toying with the idea of starting an Etsy shop. Not that I have anything to put into it. But if I make art, I need to be responsible and find good adoptive homes for it, don't I?

Of course I have hopes and goals in other areas of my life as well so I'll be happy if I make even small strides in my list. Or big strides in just a few of them. It's sort of exciting, isn't it, standing at the start of a new year when the year is fresh and full of possibility!?

Do any of you have creative goals for the new year? Do you set specific goals? Plan general directions or themes? If you post about it on your blog, let me know so I can come visit.


Sarah said...

Hi Laume and happy new year! Glad you are back. Your goals sound quite similar to mine in a way-certainly the make more art and declutter ones. I am getting together with my sister in law and each month we are going to tackle a different issue. She is a terrible hoarder like me and we are determined to sort it out. The book towers next to her bed pale mine into insignificance! I am also going to try very hard not to buy any more stuff-I love the thrill of acquiring new things and don't really consider the consequences. Our flat is at bursting point! Do open an etsy shop-it is relatively easy and cheap and you don't have anything to lose and it is fun. Sorry I have gone on and on-I haven't written about any of it on my blog yet though. Good luck with it all!

Shell said...

I did a whole blog post on Saturday about list and goals, Laume. What I'm doing different this year is too look at my list daily. Keep in my mind, so I keep on track. Once you have something in your mind a lot, I feel after a while the energy starts to grow and things you want begin to start coming your way.

Stephanie said...

I have set goals as word for the year is my life, in my art, in myself.

On the art front my new studio began construction, really re-construction as I am getting 1/2 of the garage. I am soooo excited to expand into that space soon.

happy new year!