Monday, January 19, 2009

The good (if slightly unbelievable) news:

I was working in the studio all evening. Not on cleaning the studio but on an actual project in the studio. Yah me!

The bad (well, not bad as much as frustrating) news:

I'm working on one of the Yule gifts that I didn't find time to make before Yule so I can't show you anything until it's finished, mailed, and opened.

Argh. I guess the only thing I can do is hurry up and get it done. And remember to take photos before I send it off. I hate when I forget. Do you ever do that?

So instead I'll share something else. I took this photo at this bizarre cool place in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the Nevada desert this last autumn. I never got around to sharing that story. Hmmm. But this photo caught my eye today because it reminded me of the photos I shared a couple posts ago about lines.

This image is chock full (where did that saying come from?) of texture but taking center stage is the "negative lines" in white on the black burned wood. More lines in the broken up grasses and tumbleweeds. I like the little iron "T" too. And the way the thin "striped" grill and the length of old chain balance each other out on opposite top corners. It would be better if you could see this image in a larger format but for some reason my flickr account won't let me upload these in a "click to enlarge" version.

Anyone take any "line" photos to share yet?


Sarah said...

Hi Laume,
That is a beautiful and striking photo. You could get lots of ideas from that for further work. I have had a go at line photos but none I like so far. It has been really dull weather here-not too good for taking photos. If you remember the film my dolls remind you of let me know!

Mary's Madness said...

Wow, nature amazes me all the time. That tree really had a mind of its own. It didn't want to have just the normal tree rings....