Thursday, January 15, 2009

I've been trying to walk regularly now that the ice and snow is 99% melted away. I always bring my camera. I haven't found a lot that's caught my eye to photograph yet but y'know the ol' Boy Scout's motto - Always Be Prepared.

When the sun shines it's easy to forget it's still deep winter. But looking over the bridge railing down into the river, the reflection in the water is definitely wintry and cold. When the sun sets, any warmth in the air disappears immediately.

Winter is a time of living "close to the bone" in more ways than one. It pares nature down to her bones. By late winter I miss the green of summer with a physical ache. But I'm not there yet. I'm still enjoying the beauty of the skeletal trees against our big western skies. It makes me think of pen and ink drawings. How different techniques create a different mood.

Here delicate lacy downward strokes are beautiful but appear fragile, wistful and sad.

Bold, dark strokes slashing upward steal the scene with their confident, in-your-face attitude. I think these branches look like a trio of punk serpents with wild mohawks. What do you see?

And some lines surprise. The dark geometric pattern should be the first thing we notice but for me, instead, I notice the whimsical scribbling of the vine against the sky. Second, I notice the constrast between the curves and the straight lined grid.

I'd love to see what sort of "bare bones" you can find where you live. I have an assignment for folks. Grab a jacket, go out into the cold (or not, depending on where you live) and take some photos, sketch a scene, capture some moment. Maybe even turn it into something in your studio space. Then put it up on your blog and let me know. I'll stop by and see.

More winter pics up at Beach Treasure today.


Shell said...

It's really frigid here in The Big Apple. I'm going out this weekend. I'll try to get some cool pics like you did.

Sarah said...

I will definitely do that Laume. I also always take my camera-this will give me a focus. Beautiful pictures and thoughts.