Thursday, September 18, 2008

A box arrived on my front doorstep the other day, a surprise package of goodies from my mom.

This very colorful faery was in the box. I'm not sure about the expression on her face. Look, she's holding a bit of yarrow in her hand. I think she's just looking tuckered out after a bit of weeding in the garden.

These great plant stakes were in the box too. It's only two stakes, three ghosts floating above one and three bats flying above the other. I won't leave them in the garden though, I'll bring them in and decorate the indoor plants or maybe add them to some other vignette.

She also included a bar of sage scented soap that smells WONDERFUL.

But I'm saving the best for last. Happy to get out of the box and do a bit of flying, this great witch.

She didn't get far, her muscles were a bit cramped after spending so many days folded up in the mail. She's resting in the peach tree, taking in the view and having a snack, her dress sort of bunched up and her petticoat showing. She doesn't look too concerned about it though.

I really like her face. And her wonderful black braid.

If you want to hear more about the peaches, as well as a ramble through a half dozen other topics (dentists, magazines, deer......) wander on over to Beach Treasure. That will also explain why I didn't get anything done on my Sweet & Sinister Swap activities today. I plan to get back to work on them tomorrow, still pitiful-ish not.


Belita Rose said...

So cute! Joli got a box too!

Janet said...


Thanks for stopping by and yes, it was a trick question of sorts. Please note that the outside is traditional N.E. to the hilt and the inside is Tuscan Villa gone wild. All the woodwork has been fauxed to resemble aged, rotted wood. The house has been on the market for a year and yes I am acquainted with the owner and she is a nutcase. Glad this is not my listing, but I do like the blue and red in the kitchen cabinets. The top ones has some pretty toilish fabric in them.

I think your first photo reminds me of Victoria MacKenzie Childs, lol.