Friday, September 26, 2008

Now that I can break out of a black and white color scheme again (the Sweet and Sinister Swap), I've been wanting to make a candy corn pillow. So, I did. I just went for it and I think I got the dimensions a bit off. I'll try again. I think I want to make a few smaller ones instead of another large one. The knit pillow (that doesn't have so many fluffies on it as it seems in the photo) was a recent thrift find that works perfectly in my living room. And the pumpkin was a splurge this season. I really liked the carved wood look of it. It's sitting on the coffee table, I just set it there for more "mood".

And remember the little knit pieces I showed you yesterday?

We have a new kitten!

Hubby really loves him.

Charlie Weasley seems to like him too.

On the other hand Rosie thinks there's some rule about how cats should immediately vacate laps that should, by virtue of their obvious seniority, always belong first to chihuahuas. She's a little worry about having yet another intruder on her territory!

He needs a name. Anyone have any ideas?

Oh, first saw the pattern on Fluffy Flowers blog and I adored her little kitten. I actually had the exact same yarn on hand and was tempted to recreate him as closely as possible but then I found the caramel colored yarn and thought I'd see what it would create. The pattern to make him is here, but I think it's available in other places if you just search "knitted kitten pattern". And I'm not sure why the pattern I used worked so hard to make the tail complicated. I think I'd adapt it to something simpler if I was to make another. It was easy to knit up but I'm thinking it might be a nice pattern to use with felted old sweaters as well.


Deirdre said...

Of course the best part about your new kitty IMHO are his beautiful eyes!

:-D eirdre

Anonymous said...

Love the candy corn pillow cute! I just wanted to come by and tell you thank you soo much for coming by my blog I got through the ruffest part because of people like you who show support and love to me I just wanted to come by and say thank you and if I could give you a big big hugs I would sooo here it is!
(((((((((((BIG Hug)))))))))))))

hehe anywho have a great weekend!


Karen Cole said...

Oh my!!!

So cute.

Thanks for your comments and visiting. it is truly appreciated.

Felicia said...

Wow! Your kitty turned out so adorable :) Glad I inspired you.